A record of my adventures of birds and bird ringing

Monday, 15 February 2010

Control Blue tit!

I went ringing on Saturday morning at college - lots and lots of birds! Here's some pics of the best..

A dunnock with a rather bizarre hair-do

A very nice Bullfinch

A pair of Blue Tits which I'd caught together in May last year, next to one another once again in the net (the one on the left wouldnt stop biting my finger, for even a second!)

But the best bird of the day was my first control - Blue tit number X652526. Unfortunately no photo available as it was the last net round and I was in a hurry to get the nets down in time to get to my lecture. I'll update this when I know where it came from...

Below is a picture of one of my nets, just as I was about to take down - it had just started snowing and the snow was hanging really prettily in the net.