A record of my adventures of birds and bird ringing

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Potter trap and Nest recording

Yesterday, after several weeks of baiting my potter trap with tasty things, I actually set it. Less than 10 mins later the Robin who is always lurking around the trap triggered it.

I'd ringed him last year on the 5th of March as an adult, but he has a greater covert pattern that looks like he was an age 5 (born last year). This makes me more nervous about ageing Robins! I reset the trap and caught him again, but the blackbird who also uses it didnt come close enough.

Robin with 4 OGCs that look juvvy.

On Sunday I went along to Wicken Fen for a spot of ringing and a meeting/practical about nest recording. Nothing special on the ringing front but the nest recording people were phenomenal! They spotted things I swear were invisible.

Since then I've been on brief forays into the orchard, no nests found yet but I have seen some Lottis with nesting material - so they are nesting somewhere nearby.