A record of my adventures of birds and bird ringing

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Roudsea (back home)

I arrived in Cumbria at my mother's house on tuesday afternoon, after a relatively painless 6 hour journey. This morning I went ringing with my trainer (Jim) at Roudsea - report on the 01229 ringing group page, along with photos!

Tomorrow I'm off to the wash (at last!) for some long awaited wader ringing.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New years' catch

We got back yesterday after spending new year in Istanbul, immediately filled the feeders and then waited for the birds to realise there was food available (getting up at 7 is not a problem when you're still in a time zone 2 hours ahead!).

Putting the net up this morning but it was a little bit of a disaster - first the guys didnt reach quite far enough, then the net wasnt tense enough, the pegs didnt go into the ground properly, the net fell over (which of course led to some time leaf extracting). Finally (about 10 mins later than I would have liked) I got the net up. Typically, the next thing that happened was that a pigeon flew into the net, bounced, and this somehow managed to snap one of the guys so that the net fell over again...

After all that we only got a handful of birds - 3 bluti, 1 greti and a nuthatch (who was beautiful). I think I will wait a few days so that more birds find the feeder before catching again.